• Radioshift For Mac

    Radioshift For Mac

    If you like the control you get with TiVo or a digital video recorder (DVR), then you’ll like new Radioshift. Think of it as a TiVo on your Mac that plays and records internet radio stations and programs.

    Rogue Amoeba is home to many fantastic MacOS audio products for consumers. On December 31st, 2011, Radioshift was retired from development. Previous PageSender update for Mac OS X adds fax-via-email services. Next Targus announces laptop chargers. About The Author. Related Posts. Merlin project manager for Mac adds web sharing. July 18, 2008. Radioshift for Mac OS X updated to version 1.5. December 30, 2009. Apple IMC to show at Gitex 2006. November 13, 2006. Radioshift is an online AM and FM radio player. It allows you to connect to thousands of radios online. When you first launch the application, there is a window that has basic information about the tool and some tips on how to make the most out of it. For example, it tells you whether.

    Select the radio station you want, click to play or click to subscribe. This is the kind of Mac application that once you see it and try it, you wonder why there wasn’t something like it already.

    Radioshift is like TiVo for radio. I don’t normally jump all over version 1.0 of anything, but Radioshift is an exception. The people at have years of experience developing Mac audio applications, including the popular Audio Hijack Pro and Fission, the lossless audio editing tool. 20 minutes after opening up Radioshift I was ready to shell out a little money for something I both want and need.

    Time shifting has become the defacto standard in our household for television viewing. If it’s not Elgato’s EyeTV on the Mac, it’s the DVR from the cable company. I select just the programs I want to watch, set the DVR to record and save each one, then watch from the stack when I want, rather than be forced to adhere to a viewing schedule. Hint to NBC: It’s all about control.

    You’re losing yours, I’m gaining. I’m willing to pay for that.

    Internet radio is a different situation, but Radioshift eliminates most of the problems. Yes, there are about 50,000 internet radio stations scattered around the planet, many of which are available in streaming format within iTunes, Mac or Windows. Again, I’m forced to listen when something is scheduled, rather than record and listen to my schedule. David Allen’s method doesn’t work for TV viewing or radio listening.

    Radioshift is straightforward. Download, unzip, drag and drop to install, double click to run. The application is simple enough that I have yet to look at the extensive manual. Icons in the left column. Action icons in the bottom row. Action and details in the middle.

    Click on the Radio Guide to bring up Radioshift’s home view; a listing of Popular stations and programs, and the Favorites you’ve collected. The top bar has buttons for Home, Explore, Genres, and World radio stations.

    Clicking Genre, as the example, brings up a list of Music, Sports, or Spoken radio stations on the internet. Each is then divided into sub-categories such as News, Oldies, Science, Baseball or whatever.

    A search bar is also included. Clicking on any subcategory brings up the latest stations, which you can click and play, add to favorites ( a cumbersome affair), or subscribe to as if they were a Podcast.

    As my first example, I did a search for Richard Sher’s “”, a wonderful word game radio program that shows up on public radio stations. The audio version is available for about $6, which is pricey, though some NPR stations provide a download. Radioshift found Says You right away and let me schedule it for recording. I did a search on Rick Dees’ Weekly Top 40 and subscribed to record it and send it to iTunes. Clicking on a subscription radio show opens up tools below the details to edit the audio, send to iTunes, delete, or listen.

    That’s control. The interface is simple but cumbersome in places. For example, Add to Favorites, a very handy feature, is buried. First, you have to be listening to what you want to add to Favorites. In the Now Playing display at the top of Radioshift is a small italicized “i” similar to what you see in Dashboard Widgets. Click it and you get detail for the channel, and the option to Add to Favorites. That needs to be in a menu or as an ever present icon.

    Radioshift For Mac

    Radioshift lets you listen to many different audio streams ranging from Windows Media, QuickTime, MP3, and Real Audio. I was surprised at how many Real Audio stations are streaming on the internet.

    I refuse to install the buggy and problematic Real Audio on my Mac, free or otherwise. Radio content can be recorded and played back later. Even multiple stations can be recorded at the same time, all in the background while you’re doing something else or not even around.

    Your Mac can even be set to wake from sleep to record radio programs. Radioshift even works with Griffin’s USB RadioShark to record over-the-air radio. Gimme’s and Gotchas?

    I never could get the Explore button to work so whatever it explores I haven’t figured out yet. The World button is cool. Click it and Radioshift’s center screen pops up a graphic of the world, Google Earth style. Each city with an internet radio station has a green dot. Click on a dot anywhere on the World map, and Radioshift displays all the internet radio stations in that location. The standard OS X “grab” hand moves the map left, right, up, down. Many of the international stations are not supported by Radioshift, or require Real Media installed on your Mac to stream the radio station.

    Sometimes Radioshift would show a station was streaming successfully when it was obvious that it wasn’t. No sound means no streaming audio to me, though it may be that the audio stream is being blocked at the source. Another issue is the warning that Radioshift doesn’t support certain stations. The warning doesn’t come up until you try to listen to a station in the listing guide. Gotchas aside, the key value with Radioshift is, as the name implies, a time shifting ability for internet radio stations. Select the station or program, add it to the schedule, record it, listen when you’re ready.

    It’s that way on TV. Now it’s that way for internet radio.

    Radioshift isn’t perfect yet, but it’s a very good start at 1.0. I was impressed at the number of internet radio stations in every category, and disappointed at the number that could not be streamed to Radioshift. It’s difficult to say, “50,000 channels and nothing’s on!” with.

    Download and try it out. You get 20-minutes of good quality audio which then degrades until you restart Radioshift. Do you see a future in time shifting radio and TV? Talk Back to Mac360 in the Comments section below. Update – a number of alert Mac360 readers pointed out that is similar to Radioshift in that both record streaming audio and have a scheduler.

    Radioshift For Mac 2017

    Radioshift automates some functions which are manual in Radiolover, which will also record stations in iTunes. RadioLover is also less money for fewer features, but is an attractive alternative.

    Radioshift is an application for listening to and recording Internet radio, providing a Radio Guide with listings for more than 50,000 stations and programs. The Radio Guide and a slick scheduling interface are the main advantages that Radioshift offers over lower-priced apps with slimmer feature sets. Radioshift makes it very easy to schedule the shows you want to record (whether on a one-time basis or with recurring subscriptions), so you can time-shift your shows to listen whenever you want and fast-forward through commercials. The Radio Guide also makes it easy-and even entertaining-to explore and find new shows and stations by genre, popularity, geographic region (with a fun world map), and more. Radioshift can play MP3, RealAudio, QuickTime, Windows Media, and AAC and AAC+ streams. Casual users might still find the price tag too formidable for a radio app, but Radioshift delivers well on its core promise, with very useful features in an easy-to-use interface. Full Specifications What's new in version 1.6.7 A bug, introduced in Radioshift 1.6.6, where old versions of Radioshift Helper were not properly removed from Login Items has been corrected.

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    General Publisher Publisher web site Release Date September 13, 2011 Date Added September 13, 2011 Version 1.6.7 Category Category Subcategory Operating Systems Operating Systems Mac/OS X 10.6 Additional Requirements None Download Information File Size 10.79MB File Name Radioshift.zip Popularity Total Downloads 7,956 Downloads Last Week 1 Pricing License Model Free to try Limitations Noise is overlaid on all audio after 20 minutes.

    Radioshift For Mac