• Roland Rubix44 High-resolution Recording Interface For Mac

    Roland Rubix44 High-resolution Recording Interface For Mac

    About Roland Rubix44 Audio Interface 4-In/4-Out, High-resolution interface for MAC, PC and iPad Rubix44 offers a perfect balance of high-fidelity sound, solid build quality, compact size, affordable price and crucial features for today's musicians and producers.


    The Hi-Res Solution for Personal Music Production Rubix44 delivers the perfect balance of high-fidelity audio, rugged build quality, and essential features for today's musicians and producers. It serves up warm and clear high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192 kHz, and features four top-quality mic preamps carefully designed for pristine sound and low-noise performance. And with four discrete outputs, analog dynamics processing, and an integrated MIDI interface, you have the power and flexibility to support your growing musical ambitions. Rubix44 works seamlessly with Mac and Windows computers, and even supports the Apple iPad for the ultimate portable music production experience. Perfectly Suited for Singer/Songwriters and Instrumentalists, Access Online Content, and Learn Faster With four simultaneous inputs and support for mics, electric guitar/bass, and line-level devices like keyboards and drum machines, Rubix44 allows music creators to capture mix-ready performances in a single pass. Singer/songwriters can record vocals and stereo instruments at the same time, and acoustic instrumentalists can connect up to four different microphones to capture every nuance of their sound.

    Top-Quality I/O to Support Your Creative Flow with a Compact, Space-Saving Footprint Rubix44’s stellar mic preamps are low noise and high definition, with plenty of headroom for capturing all the impact and detail of whatever you’re recording. The flexible combo jacks and Hi-Z inputs let you connect a variety of sources including mics and guitars, with no need for adapters or special cables. Four individual outputs enable sophisticated routing and monitoring possibilities, like sending a click to a performer, setting up a stage monitor, or routing audio to external gear. Control and Enhance Your Sound with Analog Compression and Limiting Highly dynamic sources like percussion instruments often need level taming with dynamics processing. It’s also common to apply compression on vocals and bass while tracking to even out levels and make these sources easier to mix.

    Rubix44 is equipped with panel-accessible compressor/limiters on inputs 1/2 and 3/4, ensuring good, hot signals without clipping and unwanted distortion. The dynamics processing is completely analog, providing smooth and transparent control with zero added latency. Monitor Signal Status at a Glance, Even While Performing When recording, achieving proper signal levels is critical.

    Roland rubix44 high-resolution recording interface for mac pro

    But studios and stages can be dark places, and you don’t need to deal with clip and level indicators that are small and hard to see. Designed with recording performers in mind, Rubix44 features bright indicators that clearly show if a channel has incoming signal or is going to overload.

    Better still, they can be seen from both the front and top of the unit, allowing you to easily monitor signal status from nearly anywhere you’re located. Dedicated Monitor Controls and Seamless Integration with Mac, Windows, and iPad On its front panel, Rubix44 features quick-access knobs for adjusting the overall volume and headphones level, plus dedicated Direct Monitor controls for latency-free monitoring without having to fuss with a computer-based mixer. Mac and Windows drivers deliver smooth, reliable performance, and the included Ableton Live Lite software provides a complete creative platform that works right out of the box. Rubix44 even supports iPad, giving you a powerful, compact system for on-location recording, mobile production, and gigging. Video Library. Rubux22/Rubix24/Rubix44 Quick Start Step-by-step instructions These Quick Start Videos contain step-by-step instructions that will quickly introduce you to its major features.

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    Roland Rubix44 High-resolution Recording Interface For Mac